Approach ///

The recipe to our success is no secret.

Journey believes that “building with the experience in mind” starts with the first handshake through every step of the project. We believe that a successful project is not just about closing the project out, but creating value for our clients and managing their expectations to ensure the journey will be a positive and memorable one. Our team stays poised, ready, and able to set the “ PACE”.

I-Pace ///

Pace a rate of activity, progress, growth, or performance.
Idioms “put through one’s paces” to cause someone to demonstrate his or her ability

Journey understands that whether you are developing a new project, renovating an old one, or building a project from ground up is a great undertaking. We are offer ourselves to our clients to partner with them throughout the process. Starting with:


Identify Risks that will hinder the project and discover the opportunities to benefit
Plan for the Opportunities and Prepare for the Risks
Analyze the budget to ensure a complete
Collaborate with Owners, subcontractors and vendors alike, for commitment of Schedule
Execute minding the details along the way

Identify Risks and Opportunities 
Plan and Prepare
Analyze Budget
Collaboration of Schedule

Safety ///

More than just a standard, our commitment.

We believe that Safe Practices is not just a standard to be monitored, but a commitment to be lived out every minute of the day. We value our employees and their families, so no corner is worth being cut. There is an expectation for our teams to come to work, but a greater expectation for them to go home safe and sound.


Tool Box Talk
Safe First Acknowledgment
Annual Safety Awareness Classes
OSHA Safety updates