Delivering on promises.

TheJourney C+D Group is a Florida-based construction firm headquartered in sunny South Florida. Our goal is to provide private and government clients throughout Florida with quality, safe, and cost-effective facilities to work, live, protect, recreate, and learn.

Client Based approach.

The purpose of a client-based approach is to identify and mitigate risks associated with delivering construction projects on schedule, within budget, and meeting client and end-user expectations. Early contractor involvement helps to align strategy and expectations for planning, procurement/purchasing, mobilization, implementation, construction/maintenance, demobilization, and project closeout as soon as possible. Suitable for new-build construction projects as well as repair and maintenance contracts, a client-based approach simplifies the relationship web of clients, contractors, and supply chain contacts. Through a client-based approach, Journey C+D Group helps clients and project owners identify possible barriers to procurement, implementation, and management. These specialized recommendations help inform critical project management decisions, such as: long-lead materials, energy efficiency improvements, inclement weather alternatives, emergency protocols, personnel turnover, and likely costs.

Our Portfolio.

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