mission ///

Let’s start with the Mission, the life we are blessed with is not so much about the beginning or the end, but more about the “Journey” between. In the same way when you are developing or building, you can get any reputable construction management firm to build your project, but the difference maker is the Journey.  The Journey will dictate the future.

core values ///


We are showing you our commitment


We are giving you our loyalty


Delineating clear lines of communication


We are building trust

leadership ///

Our team is comprised of knowledgeable,
professional, and honest leadership.
Clifford Moore Headshot

Clifford Moore Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Clifford L. Moore Jr. is the CEO of Journey C+D Group Inc. headquartered in South Florida. As a general contractor Clifford has been instrumental in building and maintaining the company’s growth, and focus on providing professional construction management, quality service and craftsmanship. Clifford understands the importance of establishing partnerships and strategic alliances, also engaging local workforces in a collaborative effort to construct community centers and community projects. Clifford has taken his experiences and real-time education and applied it to every development and project.

Jarad Wahl Headshot

Jarad Wahl

Chief Operating Officer

As Journey C+D Group’s COO, Jarad is committed to collaborating with clients, employees and the community to promoting a transparent and positive culture that allows us to build with the experience in mind. He developed strategies and cultivated partnerships that have grown the company into multiple domestic markets and various development projects. His focus on corporate culture, building leaders within, and relationships with the community have combined for several successful project experiences for the end users. He is a certified general contractor in the State of Florida.

giving back ///

Journey supports many local
organizations and foundations.

Journey C+D Group is passionate about giving back to its community. We constantly look for opportunities for giving back whether it be with the youth, elderly or families. Some of the organizations include:

  • Humane Society
  • 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project
  • St. Jude Children’s Hospital – Active Volunteer
  • American Red Cross – Community Volunteer
The Journey team is ready to help you on your next project!